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F1: A botrányhős kampánykörúton?

23.05.08 10:26

A Monacói Nagydíj eseményeinek indulásával megjelent a színe az FIA szexbotrányba keveredett, és azóta a versenyeken nemkívánatosnak nyilvánított elnöke, Max Mosley. A Ferrarinál és a Renault-nál is tárgyaltak vele.

Bár az FIA-t nem ő képviseli hivatalosan a Monacói Nagydíjon, a szexbotrány kirobbanása óta először az FIA elnöke, Max Mosley is megjelent egy Forma-1-es futamon.Korábban úgy hírlett, hogy a csapatok vezetői igyekeznek majd elkerülni őt, de ma délelőtt Mosley a Ferrari csapatfőnökével, Stefano Domenicalival, és a Renault-vezérrel, Flavio Briatoréval is tárgyalt. Hogy miről folyt a szó, nem tudni.

Az elnök az újságíróknak csak röptében nyilatkozott, és mindössze annyit, hogy "túl elfoglalt a nyilatkozathoz".Az F1 gazdasági feje, Bernie Ecclestone újságírókon keresztül üzente Mosley-nak hogy reméli, őhozzá is ellátogat majd - pár napja nincsenek jóban, amióta az elnök Ecclestone-nal és a mögötte álló CVC csoporttal riogatta az FIA tagjait a posztjáról döntő június 3-i bizalmi szavazás előtt. (

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before, I've got a bit of Poe in my psyche, which on hhsinigdt explains my uncontrollable gesticulating at the TV when Kimi inched past Hamilton, and then Alonso followed suit. When Hamilton ran wide trying to get past Alonso, I was besides myself with glee, screaming at the top of voice in the middle of the night. And when transmission problems struck Hamilton in lap 8 you would have sworn I was Alonso's best mate sticking up for his buddy.That said, Hamilton did give it his all, and drove like a champion in trying to claw back those positions. When Kimi took the chequered flag, I refused to celebrrate until Rosberg, Kubica and Heidfeld made it past the finish line. I slept well thereafter.3. DenouementNow that the dust has settled, I began reflecting on some parallels between McLaren this season and past, specifically Ron Dennis' principle of letting two drivers race each other. As far as winning championships, driver or constructor, it didn't work between Montoya and Kimi, it didn't work out between Kimi and Coulthard, and during the Hakkinen/Coulthard partnership in 1998 did McLaren win both Drivers' and Constructors' titles in the same year. Hakkinen won the drivers' title in 1999, but thereafter it's proven rather unfeasible.I admire Ron Dennis' stand on the principal of equality and merit, which I think might have been reinforced by the Senna/Prost partnership that swept all before them in 1988-89. The fact that it was tumultuous and yet produced incredible success probably convinced Dennis instead of dissuading him about the strategy's effectiveness. Now I don't claim to have followed F1 since the days Fangio, Clark or even Lauda (though I do remember watching Senna, Mansell, Prost, and Piquet as a kid), so I don't know this for a fact, but did teams beforehand always have a number 1 driver before Schumi made it something of an art form? Perhaps Ron Dennis just likes to do things his way, but if it harms his own team, well .4. DebriefLewis Hamilton: has had incredible luck, suffering no engine/transmission/suspension reliability issues European GP (tyre), China GP (tyre) until Brazil, and the China GP retirement was of his own making, going into the pits too fast (you could blame McLaren for leaving him out there on knackered tyres, but that's all moot now). Whether he'll ever have such wonderful in the future, we shall see.The Ferrari boys: Despite me being a Kimi fan, I have to say the 2nd pit stop situation that preceded his ascension into 1st place does bear some scrutiny. Did Ferrari bring Massa in first so Kimi can get some quick laps in? And not just one, but three flying laps, when the Finn had his first pit stop just one lap after Massa?It's not exactly team orders, but I suppose Ferrari still operates on the Schumi-model of a 1st and 2nd driver team, at least for this race since only Kimi has a chance of winning the drivers' championship. Whether Massa's running wide just before the 2nd pit stop was orchestrated to let Kimi close the gap is debatable, but like Duncan has said: if you're looking for a conspiracy, you'll find it. The bottom line: When you have a competitive car, you have a better chance of winning both drivers & constructors if you have a clear #1 and a good #2 willing to play second fiddle (see Ferrari 1997 to 2006).Fernando Alonso: I'm a bit disappointed by his slamming McLaren after the race, but I suppose that's understandable given his recent ordeal. Hamilton has the protection of the team, Alonso's reduced to a one-man band, whether it's his fault or not. I can't help but look back at Monaco and think that's where the Schumi Doctrine might have been applied forcefully by Ron Dennis i.e. make it CLEAR that Fernando's top dog, or Lewis if Ron prefers it so, but state it clearly so none of this malarkey would have come to pass. Whether anything else happened between the Spainard and the rookie before Hamilton's whinging (and then counter-whinging from Alonso, and etc etc) made it clear that all is not well in the McLaren camp we'll never know. The big question now is: Will Ron Dennis persist with his both drivers are equal principle?In any case, well done Kimi. Now you can do some serious drinking. =)

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