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AcasăSATU MARE10 medals won by chess players from Satu Mare at the National...

10 medals won by chess players from Satu Mare at the National Championship for Children, Juniors and Youth

In April, the best young Romanian chess players faced each other on the 64-square board to prove their skill in the „sport of the mind”.

From 10 to 20 April 2022, the National Championship for Children, Juniors and Youth was held in Eforie Nord, where 13 athletes from the LPS Satu Mare club participated. Among them, 11 competed in classical chess and 2 in the short time trial.

Unusual is the fact that in the classical chess, the average age of the Sattmara athletes was between 9 and 15 years.

The participating athletes from Sătmă are:

Amalia Zamfirache ( girls 10 years old )

Sara Șunea ( girls 10 years old, double-legitimate with Tinerii Lei Baia Mare )

Miruna Covaci ( girls 10 years old, double-legitimate with Baia Mare Youth Lions )

Vladimir Sofronie ( boys 10 years old, double-legacy with Logic 64 Brasov)

Alex Maier ( boys 10 years old )

Stefan Paunescu ( boys 12 years old). In his case it is worth mentioning that if a few weeks ago he participated in the national stage of the Computer Science Olympiad, during the chess competition he went to Constanta for the National Mathematics Olympiad).

Teo Anghelescu ( boys 12 years old )

David Hejja ( boys 12 years old )

Ducu Radu David ( boys 14 years old)

Ionut Iuga ( boys 14 years )

Stefania Salajan ( girls 16 years old )

Jozsef Roman ( Boys 16 years )

Adam Hejja ( boys 16 years )

In rapid and blitz chess Malina Aciu ( girls 20 years old , double-legitimate with Medicina Timisoara ) and Irisz Hejja ( girls 18 years old ) joined.

After 10 days with emotions, joys and ambitions for better, our club won 10 medals ( 2 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze ).


  • Sara Sunea – classical chess
  • Sara Sunea – blitz


  • Amalia Zamfirache – blitz
  • Teo Anghelescu – classical chess
  • Malina Aciu – fast chess
  • Malina Aciu – blitz (she lost the title on the last criterion, age, as she was born 2 days earlier than Denisa Bucur, who became national champion)


  • Stefania Salajan – classical chess
  • Stefania Salajan – unties
  • Miruna Covaci – unties
  • Amalia Zamfirache – rapid chess

They were very close to the podium:

Stefan Paunescu – 4th place in rapid chess

Miruna Covaci – 4th place in rapid chess

Vladimir Sofronie – 4th place in classical chess

Alex Maier also had a good performance, especially in the first part of classical chess, but also a 6th place in blitz. Even if this time we can’t talk about a special competition for Joco, Adam or David, we are convinced that by working individually and having more experience, they can improve their results. However, their commitment is to be appreciated.

Additionally, 7 children from our club have been selected for the national junior team. They are:

  • Vladimir Sofronie
  • Sara Sunea
  • Miruna Covaci
  • Amalia Zamfirache
  • Teo Anghelescu
  • Stefan Paunescu
  • Ducu Radu David
  • Stefania Salajan

We must also thank our fellow coaches who contributed/contribute to these successes:

  • Gergely Szabo – a coach who impresses with his professionalism and involvement, whose superlative theoretical training facilitated some easy victories);
  • Eugen Negrea and Lucian Griga – 2 people who managed to build in Baia Mare a real „chess family”.
  • Lucian Miron
  • Daniel Baratosi
  • Zoltan Pall
  • Catalin Carmaciu
  • Grigore Nicolae Petre
  • Ludovic Lazar
  • Mircea Salajan

Of course, without the decisive help of the parents these achievements were not possible.



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