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Worldwide, every year, 15 million babies rush to be born prematurely. Their strength, the parents’ love, but also the dedication and involvement of the Neonatology doctors and nurses who care for them are celebrated on November 17, the World Day of Prematurity. On this day, international organizations and associations aim to increase the level of awareness of the population on the growing number of premature births and associated complications.

Babies born before the 37th week of pregnancy have to face more risks and complications than children born at term, needing special care from the medical staff and the family. Annually, from the total number of births in the Satu Mare County Hospital, the number of premature births is around 10% and represents that group of patients who most often need care in the Neonatal and Prematurity Intensive Care Unit for weeks or months.

„We have the privilege to be with these little ones from their first minute of life, to enjoy with the family the miracle of birth and to help them through the prism of our profession to survive and develop beautifully, cared for by neonatologists, nurses, pediatricians and family. We want our work to improve our professional training and to improve and equip the department to help these little ones who are in a hurry to come into the world and who are still too young to be prepared for this life”, it is stated in a statement of the Satu Mare County Hospital.

The maintenance, renovation and equipment of the section were continuous processes, obtained through the support of the County Council and local and national partners (NGOs and companies). In 2022, the Neonatology section was equipped with:

1. European Project „HUSKROUA”

-1 resuscitation table

-1 ultrasound

-1 invasive

ventilator -2 CPAP ventilators

-3 open incubators

-3 closed incubators

TOTAL 206,600 euros = 1,033,000 ron

2 Incubators, provided by the Ministry of Health

– 5 Natally open incubators

– 6 Giraffe hybrid incubators

TOTAL 1,148,000 ron

3. Save the Children Association

– 5 Mindray vital functions monitors

– 5 pulse oximeters

4. DRM Dräxlmaier Romania Sistem Electrice SRL

– 10 newborn cots of the latest generation

TOTAL: 19,000 RON

5. ARNIS Association (one and one)

– project addressed to nurses from the TI Department of Neonatology and Prematurity for the implementation of the concepts acquired in the FINE 1 Educational Program „Family-centered care to increase the degree of neurological development of the newborn”.

6. Satu Mare County Hospital

– Co-financing of investments in equipping with medical equipment, sanitizing works of the rooming-in rooms, purchase of opaque blinds and reflective window film for UV protection and reducing the temperature in the IT and premature rooms.

– financing of the experience exchange program organized in the TI Neonatology section of the „Children’s Hospital Dritter Orden Passau” Germany

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