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Enrolment of children in day-care centres in Satu Mare for the school year 2022-2023.

Satu Mare City Hall and the Municipal Direction of Day Care Centres are running the enrolment of children in day care centres for the school year 2022-2023 from 10-19 May 2022. There are 190 places available at the nine crèches in the municipality.
Parents/legal representatives of the children are expected daily from 09.30 to 12.30 from 10 to 19 May 2022 at the working point of the Municipal Directorate of Day Nurseries, Wolfenbüttel Street No. 10, for the submission of registration forms. Both parents must be present when submitting the application form. The application forms are attached to the present notice or can also be collected from the nurseries from 2 May 2022.

The children’s enrolment file contains the following documents:

  1. Application form, Annex 1;
  2. Copy of birth certificate for children in the family;
  3. Copy of identity papers of the members of the child’s family of origin;
  4. Employment certificates of parents/legal representatives;
  5. 5. Certificate from the place of work of the parent caring for the child aged up to 2 years who has a suspended employment contract, showing the date of termination of the suspension (date of resumption of work);
  6. Copy of the divorce decree/sentence if applicable; Notarized statement of consent to enrolment in the day-care centre given by the second parent if they are/were not married, or if they have joint custody of the child.
  7. Copy of the placement order/sentence or the adoption order, if applicable;
  8. Copy of the death certificate of the parent/legal representative, if applicable;
  9. Copy of the last Income Tax Return registered with the Public Finance Administration or Tax Certificate if the parent is an authorized natural person, carrying out self-employed activities;
  10. Certificate from the educational establishment attended by the mother, in the day form, if applicable;
  11. Vaccination form, Annex No 2;
  12. Medical certificate of entry to the school, Annex No 3;
    Plastic file

The general criteria for assessing the files are:

Single parent family
Employment both parents
File registration number
Eligibility criteria are:

Residence in the municipality of Satu Mare, proven by identity papers or contracts in case of renting accommodation,
the age of the child at the date of starting the nursery, over 1 year for Degețica, Mica Sirenă and Țara Minunilor nurseries; over 1.5 years for the other nurseries.
The nurseries’ locations are:

Țara Minunilor” crèche – 8, Tisa alley, tel. 0751205446;
Dumbrava Minunată” Day Care Centre – 4 Ilișești Street, tel. 0754019809 ;
White Riding Hood” Daycare – Bld. Lucian Blaga nr.19/a, tel. 0751205447;
Snow White” Daycare – Aleea Târnavei nr. 18, tel. 0754070118;
Mica Sirenă” Daycare – 61/a Botizului Street, tel. 0748109855;
Degețica” Daycare – Bd Lucian Blaga nr. 121, tel 0746136266;
The „Punguța cu doi bani” day-care centre – Gladiolei alley, inside the 14 May kindergarten, tel 0742165193
Day nursery „Rase de soleil – Napsugar”, 8-10 Wolfenbütel Street, tel 0756060056,
Nursery „Dandelion-Pitypang”, 2 Dambovita Street, tel. 0754070119.
The nurseries „Sunshine – Napsugár” and „Păpădia-Pitypang” offer pre-school education and supervision in Hungarian.
Applications can be downloaded electronically from the website of Satu Mare City Hall, or can be picked up at the nurseries’ offices from
The evaluation of the applications will take place from 23 to 30 May 2022, and the selection will be based on the evaluation criteria as specified in the attached procedure.
The results of the evaluation of applications will be posted at the nurseries on 31 May 2022. Confirmation of places for successful applications will be made at the nurseries’ offices from 29-31 August.

If the application for admission to the crèche is approved, the following medical documents must be submitted to the crèche before the crèche starts:
a) a negative result of the child’s coproparasitological examination;
b) a negative pharyngeal exudate test of the child.

Parents/legal representatives of the children are expected daily between 09.30 and 12.30, from 10 to 19 May 2022, at the working point of the Municipal Directorate of Day Nurseries, Wolfenbüttel Street No. 10, for the submission of registration forms.

Throughout the school year, parents will be contacted to fill the vacancies if places at the crèche become available, depending on the score and the file number.

For further information, please contact the Municipal Nurseries Department at



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