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How can scammers be recognized? The advice of the police officers from Satu Mare

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„The scammer” is a refined person, he has vast knowledge in the field in which he cheats. He has a developed sense of improvisation, the art of acting like an actor. He has the ability to appear „sympathetic”, „honest” and „convincing”, he proves to be particularly inventive, managing to find methods to gain the trust of his victims, which is essential to his success.

Unfortunately, out of desire for an easy profit, the victim often favors the criminal activity of the scammers. In the opinion of some citizens, there is a false belief that this type of crime can only happen to others. This unfounded optimism illustrates the fact that self-protection measures are either not sufficiently known or not sufficiently applied.

Thus, in order not to become victims of swindlers, the Satmără police recommend you:

• Carefully check the identity of the people who offer or request different services, as most of the time the so-called benefactors hide criminal intentions

• Do not trust the people who they try to impress you with „business cards”, „identifications” or other documents, from which it follows that they have a remarkable professional career and who ask you for various favors;

• Do not allow access to the home to people who claim to represent different service companies, only after a careful check of identity documents and work ID;

• Do not receive pledges in exchange for sums of money, identity documents or various objects, these may be fake or stolen;

• Be cautious when unknown persons who claim to be from utility companies (gas, electricity, town hall, TV cable, etc.) or who claim to be representatives of supermarkets/ street vendors who offer different products for free (or at advantageous prices), or present various promotions;

• Don’t buy wedding rings, rings or other objects that „benevolent” people claim are made of gold! The risk of buying simple tins is maximum;

If you are the victim of a crime of theft or fraud, try to remember as many of the reports of the perpetrators as possible and urgently request the support of the Police to catch them, using the unique number 112.

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