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The town hall of Moftin has built and equipped three medical centres in Moftinu Mic, Domanești and Moftinu Mare.

This was made possible thanks to a cross-border project worth over 1.2 million euros.

The project, aimed at increasing quality services, had its closing conference on Friday in Moftin.

The event in Moftin was also attended by a delegation from the town hall of the partner town Nyíradony from Hungary, as well as representatives of Moftin Town Hall, led by Mayor Gheorghe David.

The closing conference of the project „Integrated healthcare response in the cross-border area” in Moftin started with a visit to the three health centres built in the municipality of Moftin.

Within the framework of this project, the Municipality of Moftin has built and equipped three health centres in the villages of Moftin Mic (with a built area of 406.50 sqm), Moftin Mare and Domanești (each with a built area of 150 sqm).

The facilities are divided into three categories: furniture, IT equipment and medical equipment. Among the latter, we can mention: an ultrasound scanner, 3 defibrillators, 3 EKG machines, blood analyser, aerosol machines, otoscope, glucometers, blood pressure monitors, including the complete equipment of a dental surgery.

The closing conference of the project was followed by a presentation of the results of the project on both sides of the border, as well as the results of the joint study on the health status of the population in the cross-border area and the role and tasks of the Hungarian local public authority in public health.

According to the mayor of Moftin, Gheorghe David, the following activities were carried out in the framework of the project: organization of 6 community meetings on health prevention, 3 screening actions, a workshop on prevention, development of a website with useful information on the health of the population, participation of 16 people from Moftin, from the health, education and emergency sectors in a first aid course, employment of two health mediators in order to work more closely with the community.

The project was submitted for funding by the Municipality of Moftin commune in collaboration with the project partner in January 2018 within the framework of the Interreg V-A Romania-Hungary Programme 2014 – 2020, the third open call for proposals for normal projects.

Activities on both sides of the border took place from 1 November 2019 to 28 February 2022.

The total budget of the project is 1.251.969,00 Euro, of which 1.064.173,65 Euro is the ERDF contribution. Of the total budget, 663.469,00 Euro is allocated to the Municipality of Moftin and 588.500,00 Euro is the budget of the City of Nyíradony.

The project contributes to improving the quality of life of people living in the area, to increasing the competitive potential of these localities, and its medium-term result is an increase in the number of healthier citizens. The idea for the development was generated by common, cross-border goals and needs.

The aim of the project is to increase the quality of health services available in rural and small urban areas.

The project aims to:

⦁ improve the quality of health infrastructure in Moftin and develop an emergency health service in Nyíradony by building an ambulance station;

⦁ strengthening cross-border relations between public healthcare institutions and between partners;

⦁ improving the health status of citizens through community events.



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