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Pamela Kiss is from the Petea Border Police Sector – Sighetu Marmații Border Police Territorial Inspectorate. He works in the Technical-Administrative Department, after having worked for 12 years in the supervision of the state border.

And in her free time she is… a champion. In bodybuilding and fitness, in karting and motoring. The most recent results were those obtained at the National Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships, a competition held this fall in Sibiu. Pamela won the national title in Seniori Women Phisique and Matser Women Phisique here.

He has always practiced sports. Handball or athletics, motoring or karting. In whatever branch he worked, he ended up getting very good results. But of all, bodybuilding and fitness brought him the most important results. In fact, around 2011-2012, when all the girls were going to aerobics, she also joined her friends and for a while followed the fashion and did aerobics.

In 2013, he felt the need to move to another stage. She was aware that, after all, her body could do more and she wanted a physical shape where the musculature was better defined. For a while he went in parallel with aerobics and fitness, after which he moved to the strength room. She saw that her arms were starting to take on the shape she wanted, and so were her legs. As he got the results he wanted, he worked harder. Not a day went by that he didn’t enter the training room.

She was self-taught, after which she began to study, so that she had a solid base of theoretical knowledge about the passion that now brought her so much satisfaction. Moreover, she was concerned, in detail, about the right diet for what she practiced. Finally, participating in the 2017 Dej Grand Prix came naturally. From here to participating in the National Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships was just one more step. All the other small steps, until then, have only paved a sure way for him to achieve performance.

It speaks, with the modesty of champions who have worked continuously for the remarkable results they have achieved – about passion, perseverance, discipline and support. Her passion is what motivates her every day to persevere in the training room.

Regardless of the season, time of year or other external factors, there is a well-kept place for training in her daily schedule. Discipline – definitely a key factor for this sport. Especially during the preparation periods before the contests, when, for 14 weeks, he follows a spartan regimen without which he would not have achieved the extraordinary results he has recorded so far.

„I suffer the most, during that period, because I can’t eat fruit. Otherwise, I can’t say it’s that hard, because I have a clear goal that positively charges me and motivates me,” says Pamela.

She has support especially from her husband – Bertalan Cristian Kiss – who is also a champion (in rallying, karting and… sports dancing!). But also from a multiple national and international champion in the same field – Paula Oiegaș.

Every day, after completing his program at the Petea Border Police Sector, he goes to the gym. She works out among the men in the gym who see her as their equal training partner, an ambitious woman and a flawless athlete. He respects his body, paying attention not only to physical training and nutrition, but also to hydration and rest.

Life outside the hours at the Border Police divides her, with her husband, between motorcycling, motoring, nature and animals. He is a cheerful man who enjoys every day, who lives his life the way he wants and who has won the admiration of his colleagues through impeccable behavior both at work and in his personal life.

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